Welcome to the Thunderdome!

Thanks for joining Histonauts 3: The Manchester Music Edition! Grab some gladioli, pull on your baggies and let’s get our Mancunian swagger on...

What Are Histonauts?...


Noun:    An explorer of history 

What’s the game?...

Histonauts 3 is a digital scavenger hunt with several goals:

  • To celebrate Greater Manchester’s rich music heritage and share it with the world.
  • To find and commemorate forgotten or lost places associated with Greater Manchester’s music culture.
  • To add new information and stories to Manchester Music Map.
  • To share our memories and personal connections to music.
  • To have fun, get creative and win! win!WIN!

How To Play... 

  • Take a look at the Task List.
  • Choose your tasks.
  • Send your entries to @McrMusicMap on Twitter or
  • Every Task has a hashtag. You must include this in your tweet! Or you won’t get your points!
  • Points mean pride and pride means bragging rights!
  • Entries will be shared, points will be given and the histonaut with the most points at 23.59hrs on Sunday 30th March will be named the supreme overlord and win £50 of vouchers from courtesy of the lovely folk at Piccadilly Records!!

Points to remember...

  • Entries WILL be shared over social media. It’s one of the aims of the game. If you don’t want anyone seeing that photo of you c.1983 in double denim with a mullet choose something else!
  • If you email your entries in, @McrMusicMap will tweet your entries for you. You will still get the points and the fame.
  • If you’re sending something from another website please only send links! The internet is a wondrous thing, let’s be respectful to the amazing archives, organisations and individuals who curated and created this before us.
  • All video entries should be uploaded to YouTube. Youtube is also a great resource for music tracks and videos! Photos can often be found on Flickr.
  • Try your best to find exact locations and addresses! It’s important for when we map the information you’ve gathered at a later date.
  • Be respectful to eachother! We may be in competition but we’re all Histonauts – help eachother, find eachother, support eachother, tweet eachother... and then go for the jugular!
  • Check other entries and the leader board at / Will you be top?
  • Histonaut 0.3 is your contact. If you have any questions, queries, concerns or suggestions tweet @McrMusicMap or email
  • There may be extra tasks tweeted or emailed out over the next 10 days so keep your eye on @McrMusicMap and your inbox!

Now, go forth Histonauts and remember ‘This is Manchester... we do things differently here’

Task List...

1.   Manchester Music Map: Youtube is a treasure trove of Manchester music memories old and new! Find us live footage, audio, short docs and other videos associated with Manchester music on Youtube and send the links!

50 points each


2.   Picture a vicar in a tutu outside Holy Name church (must be a verifiable man-of-the-cloth and a regulation ballet tutu) Capture this wondrous moment and Tweet or email it to us!! BIG POINTS!

1000 points


3.   What’s your local Greater Manchester record store? Or one you remember from your youth? Send us the address and a picture of a new purchase for extra points!

100 points +100 for each purchase


4.   What’s your best Manchester music charity find? Where did you get it and how much of a bargain was it?

50 points


5.   MDMA are great, aren’t they? Show your love by digging out your mum’s flyer from The Electric Circus or the ticket stubs from that Everything Everything gig and uploading it to they’re amazing archive. Tell them (@MDMArchive) and us to claim your points!

150 points


6.   What’s the best gig you’ve been to in Greater Manchester? Tell us the story on email or TwitLonger Photos? Videos? Send us those too!

50 points


7.   Manchester in song: Send us the song, tweet the lyric, give us the location and (if possible) a photo of the place.

100 each


8.   What’s the biggest band you’ve seen in a small Greater Manchester venue? Video? Photos? Send us your story and links on email or TwitLonger

100 points


9.   Channel your inner Stephen Wright or Kevin Cummins: Recreate an iconic photo of Manchester music and let us know the location of the original (drawings, dress-up, parodies welcome!) Send us a link to the original and your recreation

500 points


10. God: "It's a pity you didn't sign the Smiths, but you were right about Mick Hucknell. His music's rubbish, and he's a ginger."

Recreate a 24 Hour Party People scene -  PG only! (animation accepted) Upload to YouTube and send us the link! BIG POINTS!

1000 points


11. Who lent you Unknown Pleasures and you never gave it back? Did your music teacher get you to sing Dirty Old Town? Where did this momentous event take place? Send us your story and a photo!

500 points


12. Band selfie: Did you ever meet your heroes? Send us that moment, photo or story

750 points


13. ‘I’m in the band’: Were or are you in a Greater Manchester band? Where was your best gig?  Send us your story!

750 points


14. ‘...tonight something equally epoch-making is taking place. See? They're applauding the DJ.’

Send us your story of your best clubnight (keep it PG please!)

100 points


15. ‘I went to school with them!’ Did you know Steven or Ian or a Gallagher? Or did you go to the same school? Send us a photo!

750 points


16. ‘I was there!’ Did you or your granny go scream at The Beatles when they played the Apollo? Was your dad at one of the Sex Pistols gigs? Were you (or someone you know) at a legendary Manchester gig? Send us the story!

750 points


17.  Best new band: Who’s rocking your socks? Where did you see them?

50 points


18. Cool kids special: It happened here! Find a landmarks in Manchester’s music history and ask a small person to design a plaque to commemorate the event! Send us a photo of the young person’s work!!

250 for under 16s

500 for under 10s


19. Make a pilgrimage to Salford Lads Club, take a picture a-la those Smiths boys and tweet it to them and us!

500 points


20. ‘Judas!!’ Get someone brave to shout ‘JUDAS!’ a-la that one guy at the Bob Dylan concert in a crowded area – film it and be sure to capture reactions

750 points


21. Ghost venues: Has your old gig spot been torn down? Tell us where it was or choose one from MDMA’s fantastic list to locate. Send us the link!

200 points each


22. What’s the best Greater Manchester venue and why? Add them in your tweet to us!

50 points


23. Find a photo of your favourite band in Manchester on Flicker. Where are they? Tweet links to the photo and the location.

100 points


24. HistoryPin is a thing of beauty! Try not to get distracted, pin a photo of your (or someone you know) Greater Manchester music memory and send us the link!

200 points


25.  Get out into Manchester Histories Festival’s music events! Check the site, go to events, selfie to us and them please!

100 points each


26. Brighter Sound nurture new music talent and their Sing City group will be performing Manchester Ballad inspired songs at this Manchester Histories Event (we’ll be there too!) Write a Ballad promoting a Brighter Sound project or event. Details below.

200 points


  • No. 26 #HistoBright details
  • As part of the Manchester Music Histories event ‘Concerts For The People’ on Thursday 27th Of March Brighter Sound in partnership with Band On The Wall will present their extended vocal programme for young people - Sing City - open to young vocalists and songwriters looking to broaden their skills.

Sing City will be performing their original material inspired by the Manchester Ballads with Folk Singer Jennifer Reid and Sing City Choir Leader Yvonne Shelton.

About The Broadside Ballads...

Before the creation of newspapers, broadside ballads also known as slip songs were the public’s chief source of information about current events. The ballads were purchased by the common man from street singers, print shops and vendors throughout the country.

Here is an example of an original Manchester Ballad:

"New Bayley Treadmill":

"In Manchester New Bayley we've got a new corn mill

And those whose action send them here of it will have their fill.

Prisoners let this a caution be, obey me in a crack

Or I will take my whip and flog you right well o'er your back.

So work work mind mind and work with free goodwill

In Manchester New Bayley, we've got a treading mill"

(The New Bayley Prison - actually Salford - was opened in 1790 and the treadmill installed in 1824. The ballad, printed by Swindells, reads like a salutary warning to wrongdoers but is not without a touch of humour.)

The Histonaut task is to promote as many Brighter Sound projects and events at Band On The Wall as possible, via Social media in the style of the Broadside Ballads.

Here’s an example of what we are looking for to inspire you with your task...

Brighter Sound Broadside Ballad

"Have You Heard The Sweet Noise Brighter Sound Is Creating?

Diverse With Initiative in Music Making

Subsidised Classes, Workshops and Choirs

Creative Learning That Shapes And Inspires

Write with Sing City, Perform On Top Of The World!

Brighter Sound is the space where Imagination unfurls

For A Creative Programme, And A Guide To What's On

Visit out website at "

Or… something like

"Spreading The News From The Band On The Wall Foundation,

Inviting All Of The Manchester Population.

With A Musical Menu Diverse And Eclectic ,

The Venue's A Land Mark And The History Is Epic.

For The Hidden Music Histories We Want You To Tweet,

...  Support our Foundation, 25 Swan Street !"

To Find out all you can about Band On The Wall Foundation and other Brighter Sound Projects visit :  and

27. Badge of honour: Histonaut 0.3 will be tweeting from events throughout the week! Go and find her, whisper the password and nab an official Histonauts Identification Nodule (HIN) She can usually be found in a green parker and has her own HIN. They are also available at the Belle Vue: Showground of the World Exhibition Simply let us know you've got your mitts on one!

With your HIN you can easily identify other Histonauts so you know who to elbow out of the way for that New Order vinyl in Oxfam... or take a picture with for extra points! Photos with fellow Histonauts must be tagged with them & you! (On email, names will suffice!) That way you ALL get the points!! The more Histonauts proudly wearing their HINs the more points love to spread!!

BADGE: 100